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The Antarctica Explorer Expedition
Well, it was a expedition and not a cruise! Although the only way to travel to the areas I recently visited is by ship, to call every sea voyage a cruise is a little misleading and unfair to the crew, the travellers of the ice breakers and dare I say it, Sir Earnest Shackleton! He was on a real expedition and although our modern day adventure was done in complete safety and awareness of our surroundings, I and all the other passengers on the Clipper Adventurer had a brilliant time visiting the islands of the southern seas and Antarctica.
Please take as long as you like to view the images in the gallery, and if you don't have time to view all of them (there are quite a few!) do return whenever you can and I hope they give you some pleasure and an insight into the diverse and exciting places that we visited on the expedition.
The pictures start with Buenos Aires,  then Ushuaia, Argentina, before we board the ship. Then its a few days passage to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, South Orkneys, South Shetlands, and last but not least on the expedition, the Antarctic Peninsula. Then it was a flight to Patigonia - enjoy!